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A week with Covid in the house

A collection of links from my various contacts and other things I find interesting.  Citation where remembered ;)

Google Latitude

Lawrence Marshall dealership closes (Hempstead TX)

Where Innovation Lives by @timoreilly

Selfish Adults ‘Damage Childhood’ via @MarkLittlewood via @timoreilly

Danger of being over- and under-qualified via @brooksbayne

AT&T cuts cable, cell data down (in Texas); I know my mom & wife had issues with their iPhones… w00t!

Mashup of Houston data via @marc1919

Info on RSS-Data via @davewiner (from 2003); relevant to open data(bases)?

No new deals via @reasonmag

TED-related links:

DBpedia vs Freebase (Tim Berners Lee was promoting the former) via @timoreilly; his presentation

Science data: Google vs Amazon (via @timoreilly again)

Knowledge is Power Program (college prep schools focused on underserved communities)

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