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I blame Imelda

So… I used to have a blog… years ago. Actually 2 blogs… Maybe 3… They all eventually fell in to disrepair, since they were all self-hosted, and I’d have server failures, OS upgrades, and home network changes, and my day job and/or life kept me too busy to get it running again. (And it’s not like I had a ton of people reading it.)

Fast forward a year or three. I decided I was going to go the hosted route… outsource it, ya know. No more self inflicted server outages. Since a lot of what I do, or wanted to do, was post photos, I got a Flickr account (plus I liked that they had external tools). Once Beatrix was born, or there abouts, I upgraded to a pro account. I also used a LinkedIn account for tracking people I went to school with or worked with over the years.

Now, when I had a blog, I’d also post various links I had found that I thought were interesting, maybe with a snippet of text. However, that was usually too tedious for a full fledged blog post. (Even with blogging tools, like Ecto.) All I needed was the link and the title or a short description. del.icio.us fit the bill, but I don’t use my account that much. I need to integrate it better with my web browser, and maybe I’ll use it more.

I started using last.fm because of Imelda, but the standard Mac client appeared to be too much of a resource hog.

I had gotten a few Twitter invites, but sat on them. Until a bit over a week ago. And then I got a Pownce invite. Again, from Imelda. And that’s where it all started falling apart.

In addition to Pownce and Twitter, I created a Facebook account, created a Wordpress.com blog (which you’re now reading), and started tying it all together. I twitter, and receive tweets, via IM in Adium, and sometimes on my cell phone. Facebook pulls in my Flickr photos. I created a YouTube account, am starting to look at Vimeo, and even Zooomr. (Although for the latter, I think I have too much invested in Flickr to change.) Maybe I should look at Tumblr? And I manage it all using the Flock browser.

I have links in the sidebar of my blog to my different accounts. del.icio.us links appear on my blog, too. But maybe I just want to aggregate it all, so I can, for example, drop the same external info in to both Facebook & my blog. So Imelda comes through again, with a timely invite to Natuba. So I’ll be using that to aggregate everything I can. And, when I’m done, you should be able get to everything from everywhere. Hopefully.

And I blame Imelda completely…

P.S. She’s even to blame for this post. I was chatting with her about my accounts, Natuba came up, and she suggested I blog about it. But instead, I went on a tangent. Maybe next post… :)

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