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Long Day

Finally sitting down in bed. Got up, left with Heather & Holly to go to zoo. Met their friend Pam & her husband & daughter. Spend a couple of hours there. Was nice; animals were nice & active. We then went back to the house; met their mom & step-dad there. They had stopped by to see the house. Heather & Holly got ready to go to Hobby Center. Ginger looked after Beatrix while I dropped them off. When I got back, Beatrix was napping and my mom had arrived. Doug & Ginger left, and my mom & I talked about a variety of things while Bea slept. She woke up after almost a 2 hour nap (Heather will be annoyed, I think to myself), and my mom & I fed her fruit, veges, and cereal. We change her, she plays a little, then it’s time to pick up Heather & Holly. We got to Hobby center, then start heading towards Rice Village. Monsoon rains start, so we head to the Galleria. Flooding in the first garage, so we go to another one. Have dinner, do a little shopping, then back to the house. Mom leaves, and I go to Target to pick up a few odds & ends. Then back home, unload the car, and it’s after 10 pm. Oh boy! Where did the day go?

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