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Photo diary

Someone once said --- about view cameras --- if it was more than 500 feet from his car, it wasn’t photogenic. I would add to that, if it’s much more than 100 degrees (F) outside, it isn’t photogenic.

For some reason, today I got the bright idea of going outside to take some photos. I had rented a Fuji G617 from Houston Photo Imaging for the weekend and I wanted to take it outside.

After taking a few shots around Heritage Park in downtown Houston around 2 PM, I started feeling a bit light headed. I felt a case of heat exhaustion coming on, so I went back to my car and had some ice-cold soda to drink. I also rubbed the cup against my head. It felt good. Later in the evening I found out from my parents that the heat index may have hit 116 around that time of day. No wonder I felt uncomfortable! :-) (I think the reason I don’t mind deserts is from living in Houston all these years! After all, it gets much colder on Earth than Houston, but it doesn’t get much warmer!)

I drove over to the George R. Brown convention center and took some photos of the grandstands they’re setting up for the Texaco Grand Prix. I took some pictures of an HL&P; substation nearby, plus the station construction site off in the distance, then I moved on.

I drove through some of the more economically depressed areas of town. Just a mile from downtown I drove my some women washing cloths in a children’s wading pool out in front of their little wooden house. I continued on, back to downtown.

After driving around town (and not particularly wanting to get out of my car) I went home.

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